Stand beside those who have been alone

Family Sign

Imagine being 5 years old and being separated from your 3 year old brother and baby sister, being put in a stranger’s car and driven 2 hours away to a place you’ve never been. You are told that these kind strangers are going to take care of you until your parents are able to “get better.” You are left feeling scared and confused and you just want to go home. This is often the reality facing the over 7,000 children placed in foster care throughout the state of Wisconsin. Many of the children end up being placed over 90 miles away from their homes. Not only do they lose their connection with their families, but also their schools, friends and communities. This can be very devastating for a child.

Pillar & Vine is the realization of our dream to provide a more compassionate approach to foster care services. What makes us different is that most of the staff are current or former foster and adoptive parents.

We understand the challenges and joys of providing foster care.