Social Skills & Emotional Regulation Services

At Pillar & Vine we believe that children in foster care are not the only ones that need extra support, which is why we also offer Social Skills & Emotional Regulation Services. These services are offered in group &/or individual format within a variety of settings, including in the community.

These supportive services focus on:

  • Socialization
  • Self-Esteem Building
  • Acceptance–Being part of a group
  • Safe/Appropriate Social Skills
  • Manners/Appropriate Language
  • Anger Management
  • Managing Transitions
  • Improving Family Dynamics
  • Expressing Feelings/ Emotions
  • Improving Communication
  • Impulse Control


What Makes Us Different?

Pillar & Vine Youth Services are different than other programs in the community because we provide:

  • A Structured Environment
  • Coaches trained in Trauma Informed Care
  • Flexible Services
  • One-on-One Services
  • Continuous Skill Building and Modeling
  • Strengths-Based Activities

We adapt to each child’s individual growth and provide smaller group sizes to ensure that they receive the attention they need and deserve. Our goal is to help these children develop specific skills, maintain and manage their emotions, graduate from their group, and ultimately, retain and implement the skills they have learned as they enter adulthood.


For more information, please contact Jill Rickerman, Youth Services Coordinator at Pillar & Vine.

Phone Number: 608-345-2304