Youth & Community Center Coming Soon!

As an additional service, Pillar & Vine will be opening a Youth & Community Center in Brandon, WI. The Youth & Community Center will provide a safe environment after school and in the summer for children coming from rural neighborhoods, who may have a lack of transportation to other facilities. Children who may need increased supervision or who need more one-on-one support will be comfortable here and will be staffed with well trained workers in various child related fields of study. The Youth & Community Center will also be a gathering place for community members to host trainings, events, social activities and meetings for up to 100 people.

Please join us in making this dream a reality. Become a donor. Share your talents in the construction field. Volunteer your time to work in the youth center. Your talents and gifts can change a child’s life!

Please contact our Executive Director, Damian Lonnee with any questions at 920-346-KIDS or