Pillar & Vine is the realization of the dream of three friends who believed foster care could be done differently. The founders, Damian Lonnee, Kevin Wilson & Leslie Jaber-Wilson have been foster and adoptive parents for over 20 years. Damian and Leslie have been social workers in public and private agencies, and they are educators of future social workers at the university level.

Pillar & Vine is a 501(c)3 private, non-profit, child-placing agency licensed through the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. Our agency licenses, trains, and supports foster families in their work with children placed in foster care. The agency also offers a variety of services including parent coaching, visitation supervision, respite services, and transportation to enable parents to meet the needs of their children. Our model includes working closely with biological parents, foster parents, social workers, schools and community providers to facilitate successful family reunification or an alternative permanent plan such as adoption in the timeliest way possible.

Foster Care is challenging work and all of our children come to us with hardships. All have been traumatized by the circumstances leading to their removal and by the process transitioning to a new home. We believe these children deserve nothing less than the best practices used in the field of foster care. Help us make a difference today! We invite you to do something extraordinary and impact the life of a child forever!

What we see

We see children and parents struggling to engage with each other appropriately and create healthy relationships. We recognize the struggle these families face and the resulting impact on the community.

What we feel

We feel for their struggle and have compassion for the life cycle and events that have brought them to where they are. Children deserve a safe and nurturing place to call home, and do best within a stable family environment.

How we act

We act by providing services and supports to improve the family relationship. By partnering with our foster parents, biological families, communities and providers we come alongside those who are struggling to support them in providing a safe and stable environment for their children.

Staff Directory

Board Directory

  • Katherine Drechsler, LCSW-SA
    Board President
    University of Whitewater
  • Catherine Mathweg, M.S.
    Board Treasurer
    Marian University
  • Sharon Teschke, LCSW, LMFT
    Delta Center, LLC
  • Dee Harmsen, M.S.O.L.Q
    Marian University
  • Tammy Pitts, MBA
    Agnesian Health Care